CRYO XC™ Anthracite Model

Addestramento all’uso di CRYO XC™

The operation of a cryotherapy chamber, enclosed cryosaunas and other cryotherapy equipment comes with several important rules & safety guidelines that must be followed at all times. At extreme temperatures as experienced in our CTB chambers, accidents may occur when these safety guidelines are not fully understood and followed. That is why we at CRYONiQ offer our clients and customers the support to learn all the aspects of operating a cryochamber. Training comes with a certificate of operation which qualifies the operator to use our cryochambers. This certificate is also offered by all our certified partners who carry out training in their particular markets. Training can take from half a day up to a full day and covers many topics from basic operation of the machine, introducing clients to the cryo treatment, precautions that must be taken before & after a cryotherapy session. The primary objective of this certification is to ensure complete instruction to the operators and allow the general public to benefit from the cryotherapy treatment in a safe and standardized mode. Depending on availability and convenience training can take place in the final installation location, or it can take place in a regional training cryocenter. In case you would like to find out where to find your nearest training center click here.


  • Gestione delle vasche di azoto e dei grandi serbatoi di stoccaggio
  • Gestione e impostazione della camera di crioterapia


  • Introduzione dei clienti al trattamento
  • Controlli sanitari del cliente prima della sessione
  • Moduli di consenso

Sicurezza nella sessione

  • Protezione delle estremità in sessione
  • Importanza di osservare attentamente il benessere del cliente in ogni sessione
  • Uscita del cliente dalla cabina

Consigli e suggerimenti

  • Come reagire in caso di problemi tecnici della macchina
  • Suggerimenti su come usare la macchina in modo sicuro ed efficiente
  • Buone pratiche
CRYO LC Cryotherapy Machine

Addestramento all‘uso dell’unità di crioterapia localizzata

The CRYO LC is a localized cryotherapy device used for local cryostimulation.

Health professionals and beauty centers equip their centers with the CRYO LC in order to offer a new way of cold treatment. Localized cryotherapy is much less restrictive in setting up compared to the whole body cryochamber. All Cryopol purchases are accompanied by training from CRYONiQ technical personnel or the particular partners technical team within markets served by our partners. CRYO LC training takes half a day. The following points will be addressed during CRYO LC training.

  • Handling nitrogen cylinders & dewars safely
  • Settings on the machine
  • Using the Cryopol spot cryo machine at the correct distance from the skin
  • How to respond in case of technical issues on the machine

CRYONiQ Helpline

In caso di domande sul controllo e la certificazione della qualità e sugli standard di qualità, contattaci all’indirizzo